The Coddenham Centre, School Road, Coddenham, IP6 9SR

A Cod Army XI were defeated 6-1 by senior division Westerfield.

Joel Windsor had 18 available from the 2 squads, and gave vital minutes to all as they returned to action for the first time in 8 weeks.

First Half Team: Sinclair, Ryder, Wall, Irvine, Thurston, Trialist, Benjamin, Trialist, Thompson, Peacock, K.Mandley

Second Half Team: Sinclair, Ryder, Trialist, Seaman, Wall, Thurston, Hurren, Mulley, Trialist, Trialist, K.Mandley

The first half was very end to end, with both keepers working hard, but Westerfield running in at the break 4-0 up.

The second half was fairly even, with Ryder scoring a rebound after Trialists effort.

The score line didnt reflect the result of the game, but was good to get minutes in the legs of so many players.